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I had some extra linear rods and bearings around, and found the straightness of my heat setting skills lacking. So I tossed this guy together and have putting it to pretty steady use for the last few months. Figured if it’s proving handy for me, might as well share it.

I originally designed the clamp for use with my Hakko FX888, and more recently have been using it with my old Weller WES51. If your handle is too small, you could wrap it in some high-temp silicone.


The linear rails are held in the split clamps shown below (and for this reason, I'd recommend printing them in PETG.) 

Putting in these heat sets in the Base is a little tricky since the iron needs to go through the clearance hole for the fastener. But as long as you're careful, you shouldn't end up with a messy tip...nobody likes a messy tip.

On the Carriage side, all of the inserts should be pretty straightforward. I just set it up in the Panavise and went ta town.


Printables  |  Thingiverse


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