One of my more consistent ways to make me curse my own name is when I dump resin down the front of a printer while removing the platen...I just got sad thinking about it. I've also found, on more than one occasion looking for a stable place to put a loaded platen while I scramble for whatever thing I've forgotten. So I decided to build something that could save me from myself on both of these. 

The Drip tray is preloaded against the Hanger using some magic blocks (aka magnets). I used two of these 60x10x5 magnets in the base of the Hanger and these 60x10x3 magnets in the Drip Tray. If you're looking to simplify on parts, I'd recommend using the thinner, 60x10x3, in both locations as opposed to the alternative. As I have mine, it is a quite strong preload (but that is what I was aimin for!) If you were to go with 60x10x5s on both ends, it will also be possible for the magnets to make contact...which may not end well, those neodynium magnets are pretty brittle.

I printed mine from Clear and White Overture PETG. I LOVE the clear, but I don't know why I ever buy white filament...not ma favorite

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