Assorted stuff aimed at trying to help keep my toolbox drawers a little less chaotic.

 Zip Tie Holder

A sturdy benchtop/desktop organizer, originally intended for ‘standard’ zip tie sizes. But I’ve since printed scaled versions of this for a handful of different desktop organizer needs :) It’s far from fancy, but it gets the job done!

The base is a large flat area, so prepare accordingly for either sticky (PETG, et al) or bendy (ABS, et al) stuff!

Otherwise, it’s a consistent cross-section, straight up. So should be pretty straightforward and safe in any material of your choice. A personal favorite of mine is one I printed with iron-filled PLA. Having the extra weight to it is great for the shop!

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Hex Bit Organizer

I’ve been pleasantly surprised with this little setup! I think this was the first toolbox organizer build I did with TPU, and that combined with just kind of a swag at the tolerancing on the bit holders to get a snug, but not too snug fit had me 50/50 on whether this would be scrap :) But a few years later and this pic was taken in my toolbox just yesterday, still goin strong and, shockingly, pretty well populated.

The holder is the Orange Overture TPU and I printed the bit holders from their Light Gray PETG. I really like using TPU for anything that sort of ‘interfaces’ the tool to the drawer. It helps keep everything from sliding around (this particular toolbox doesn’t have drawer liners, and apparently I like to do things the more complicated way :) ) and also gives some impact resistance for dropping tools into the box, etc.

I made holders for the various bits that I have/see, but it’s far from comprehensive. If there are some you’ve got rolling around your drawer that aren’t covered here, I’d be curious to hear what ya got!

Socket Bars

1/4" Drive

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3/8" Drive

Find it on Printables

1/2" Drive

Box Wrench Holder

Breaker Bar Stand

R8 Collet Holder

*Please note, many of the links contained in my articles are “Affiliate” links through that vendor. Unless specifically otherwise mentioned in the context of the link, these are items that I purchased and used from that same product page for whatever the project (or prospective project) was. I use these Affiliate links to help recoup a little of what I spend on project materials, etc. (if you’d like a sense of scale….in the week that I write this, I have brought in a startling $0.75 :) ).

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