I don't remember when I first made one of these little racks for holding my camera batteries, but with each new camera battery type I've added to my shelf/bag, I've made a new  holder for em. I have found that the simple thing of 'contacts down = charged' / 'contacts up = needs charging' has been wildly helpful for me. So as a result I've also now started making some for other rechargeables.
For most of the below, the CAD files can be found on OnShape here  (the exceptions are the ones I made that predate OnShape)

Common Batteries


I've been gradually shifting over to rechargable AAs, so I now have quite a few in rotation.  So I   went with  a 22 position holder for these. I printed mine in Polymaker's translucent blue PETG. I really like the look of the filament, but the surface finish leaves a bit to be desired after my recent switch  to a 0.8 nozzle....clearly gots some tunin ta do. But it holds the batteries just fine, and looks aren't exactly top of my list of needs on this one :) 
 Based on my super thorough research (aka quick Google image search for AA battery drawings), AA batteries have a diameter between 13.50mm and 14.50mm. My calipering said mine land on the top end of that. So I went with a nominal hole diameter of 15mm for the holder. I have found that a 0.25mm radial clearance results in a snug fit with my printers.
I didn't actually print one of the below test cells, but if you want to dial in the fit to your liking I'd recommend printing one of these first. Then you can adjust the scaling in your slicer to get  it dialed in. The dimensions of the single match those of their full-sized buddies.


For the AAAs, I basically just scaled the design above for the AAs. I printed mine   in Sunlu's black PETG.
I didn't actually print one of the below test cells, but if you want to dial in the fit to your liking I'd recommend printing one of these first. Then you can adjust the scaling in your slicer to get  it dialed in. The dimensions of the single match those of their full-sized buddies...and yup, copy/paste fo sho

Camera and Related Batteries

Sony  NP-FZ100

My two main cameras use these NP-FZ100 batteries (I use a Sony A7R IV for photos and recently upgraded to a Sony ZV-E1 for video...and hey, if you want to help me get out of that debt, please feel free to buy something from any of these affiliate links...come on, you know you need some filament....eh? :) ) So I recently decided to update this guy from a 4 slot to a 6 slot. I like the larger size, but I won't lie, I miss the cool look of the gyroid fill through the clear filament on my 4 slot...granted, this seems like my fault.

Six Slot version

Printables    |     Thingiverse
This is a recent upgrade to the below that's been my workhorse for a good bit. I printed the new one from Polymaker's translucent green PETG

Four Slot version

Printables    |     Thingiverse
This is one that I've been using for many years now, I love this little guy. It's been on many a backpacking trip (yeah, I'm an idiot, but I just love me some backcountry astro photography  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) and still looks/works as great as it did the day I printed it. Not gonna lie, I have no idea which translucent PETG I printed this  in...but it's one of em.


Printables    |     Thingiverse
For test fitting, or for just throwing an extra battery in the bag. I don't think I'd made any singles prior to this most recent batch of holders. But I'm actually looking forward to this little dude. My A7RIV seems to be quite a bit more efficient than my A7ii  was. So I can frequently get by with just one in the camera and a backup for a day of out and about. I  printed this one with a few base layers of Sunlu's black PETG and finished out with Polymaker's translucent green PETG

Sony  NP-F970

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These big boys are for some LED light panels I have, plus I recently got myself a little video monitor that can run off of these as well (although it zaps em pretty quick, so I prefer to have it on DC when possible.)
I went with a Four Slot version, since that's how many of these I seem to have at present. I printed mine in Polymaker's dark green PETG, and I really dig the color on this stuff.  May be my favorite shade of green PETG that I've found to date. 
  but with how large these things are, I'm tempted to also make a Two Slot version that would be easier to put in a camera bag. If you'd be interested in a two slot variant, let me know in the comments (below or whereever ya like). Maybe a couple of echoed thoughts will be enough to overcome my inherent laziness :)
 But I did go ahead and toss together a single/tester, as with the others up yonder. I printed this one in Polymaker's translucent green PETG...also like some others up yonder.


For the GoPro batteries, I went with a six position holder. The GoPro batteries have a bit of a trick geometry for getting the same sort of fit I like with my other batteries. They have flanges around the ends that are wider than the bulk of the battery. So if you make them snug, these fairly thin surfaces catch on the layer lines of the print. I'm sure it could be dialed in, but to be honest I don't use my GoPros a ton, so they don't rank too high on my list to get 'just right' at present. This will definitely work well enough for now!
I do really like how it looks though. I put down a few layers of Sunlu's black PETG before switching to Polymaker's translucent blue. I really like the way the contrast came out.  Although the photo of it less so, so you'll just have to use your imagination :)  

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