I’ve been playing around with various options for organizing all of the assorted bits and pieces that come along with makin stuff. And while I love the weight rating and versatility of wire shelving, I don’t want to spend a months pay on organizers from U-Line. 

This (mostly) printed, modular organizer is my most recent attempt at tackling this problem in my shop, and so far it’s looking to fit my needs quite well.

The model files...they ain't pretty, but you're welcome to 'em!

Original Build for wire shelves

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  • Printed Parts:
    • (2) - BearingBlock.stl - 55g - I used Sunlu PETG (for all of the below) @ ~$17/kg
    • (2) - BBRetainer - 30g 
    • (1) - BaseCap - 22g
    • (1) - TopCap_Short (47mm) - 28g   OR   TopCap_Long (111mm) - 53g
    • (x) - Tree_Long (180mm) - 98g
    • (x) - Tree_Short (90mm) - 50g
    • (x) - CompartmentTrays - 200-300g, depending on # of compartments
    • (x) - SmallTray - 80g
  • COTs

All you need to do is figure out what combo of lengths meets your needs, print your parts, melt in the heat sets in the bottoms of the bearing blocks, and you're good to go

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Free-Standing Susan

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Because my laziness knows no bounds, I decided that having to pay attention to which specific parts I need, walking to the shelf, getting said parts, and walking back was FAR too much work. So I clearly need some way to move some compartments to the work table as I trial and error fastener sizes after forgetting what I designed for...¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Enter the 'Free-Standing Susan", aka a free-standing base using the same tree and compartment pieces.

The above x-sec shows the gist of the assembly. Instead of compressing the 'tree' between two opposing tapered bearings, this one clamps the tapered bearings between the Base Tree and Base Cap. The fixed races are pressed into the Base, as shown in the below pics.


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Cable Hangers

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I realized that if I pack my mess of cables onto one of these Productive Susans it would free up a whole shelf....I also really need to purge some cables...but guess this project will help me procrastinate on that for a bit longer.

Single Row

Double Row

I'm using the single row style for larger/longer cables like ethernet, HDMI, and power bricks, and the double row style for all flavor of USB, HDMI micro, etc.

So far I definitely like the compactness and organization it offers. The only thing I'm not sure about, is if i will find the stack of cables on a post setup frustrating when wanting a cable sittin in the middle. I've tried to minimize the potential for that by keeping 'like kind' on each post, so we shall see.

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